Preparation for Flight

Helicopters Canada’s experienced flight instructors work together with our students to assure they are well educated on not only how to fly, but what they are flying. Thorough daily inspections, passenger briefings, systems analysis, procedures review and so much more are all part of the day to day practice of being a competent pilot who is confident in their aircraft. When our flight instructors are not in the air teaching lessons, they are spending their time on the ground doing pre-flight and post-flight briefings so students can confidently understand the flight exercises they put into practice while flying.

Proper ground handling and hangar procedures are skills passed down to students from our flight instructors after years of experience in the aviation industry. Being able to safely move and operate around expensive and delicate aircrafts is a talent highly valued on a resume and necessary for newly licenced pilots looking for their first job.

Our Duty Pilot Program teaches the basics of flight following, flight dispatch and aircraft airworthiness. Our students can take what they have learned through an analog system and apply it to the latest technology being utilized at any company they work for after graduation. All students are required to get involved with fueling operations of their own and other aircraft to familiarize themselves with both Av Gas (100LL) and Jet Fuel (Jet-A) procedures – another skill that makes them invaluable in the workforce.

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