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Canada’s Professional Flight Training for international and domestic students

Helicopter Canada’s Flight Training Programs

The stepping-stone to a career full of possibilities.

Our experience and college-structured programs ensure you receive the highest level of training and willfully prepare you for the wonderful world of aviation. Each helicopter student is different and we want to ensure this career is the right match for you. We make it our goal to ensure you are fully informed on your program and this lifestyle.

We Pride Ourselves On:

Personalized Perfection

Our one-of-a-kind flight training programs provide the most extensive training and operational courses.

High Standards

Individually built programs are updated throughout the course to ensure students get the most out of their training.

Fully Customizable

Over 200 hours of formal in-class ground school fully prepares you to excel in your program.

Full Control

Our Duty Pilot Program puts the students in charge of organizing and overseeing the flight operations – preparing you for life in the industry.

Pilot Licensing & Licence Upgrades

Expanding your abilities to fly with us.

Our ground school and flight training are designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to operate aircraft efficiently and safely under various flight conditions and remote geographic locations.

Charters & Tourism

Mission Ready

We specialize in airborne surveys, mining and exploration, drill moves, camp support, aerial construction and fire suppression anywhere across Canada. With our skilled pilots and nationwide connections we aim to satisfy our clients through our skilled and experienced management team; as well as our air crews. We can ensure that you are provided with the aircraft and equipment most suitable to your specific needs.