In-House Advantage

We are an approved Transport Canada Aircraft Maintenance Organization.

Support for scheduled and unscheduled service.

Helicopters Canada is an approved Transport Canada Aircraft Maintenance Organization. This allows us to conduct the majority of our maintenance in-house and provides the ability for outside maintenance to be conducted for other Aircraft Operators. Helicopters Canada is an approved Robinson Helicopter Service Centre and maintains a complete inventory for all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

What we service

AS350 Series Helicopters
Bell 206 Jet Ranger & Long Ranger Series Helicopters
Robinson R22 & R44 Series Helicopters
Cessna 172 series Aeroplanes

Looking for a maintenance facility for your personal aircraft?

Helicopters and aeroplanes are impressive, complex machines that can contribute to human convenience, but are machines nonetheless, and machines can break down. At Helicopters Canada, we hold a very tight schedule for our students and charter operations to meet the high demands of the aviation industry. We take extreme measures to assure our pilots are prepared for safe and quick dispatch at any moment; why not do the same for all our aircraft! By holding our AMO Certificate, our maintenance division is able to go above and beyond in preparing our aircraft for flight and preventing them from any unscheduled snags, with the highest standards of aviation maintenance and safety. Helicopters Canada’s maintenance team is ready at a moment’s notice to solve any issue that may arise during key moments of flight training and charter operations to avoid excessive aircraft down-time. This is significant in preventing our student’s program progression and charter pilot’s job completion, which is why when it comes to our in-house maintenance operation, we are proud to say we have the “in-house advantage!’