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Nation wide support & service

Helicopters Canada specializes in airborne surveys, mining and exploration, drill moves, camp support, aerial construction and fire suppression anywhere across Canada. With our skilled pilots and nationwide connections we aim to satisfy our clients through our skilled and experienced management team; as well as our air crews. We can ensure that you are provided with the aircraft and equipment most suitable to your specific needs. Helicopters Canada provides remote area access for environmental programs, surveys, geo-technical studies and engineering studies.

Mining and Exploration

Providing helicopter support to geophysical exploration programs in some of Canada’s most remote areas. Our helicopters can move geophysical equipment, crews, and drill rigs. Essential Helicopters provides remote area access for environmental programs, surveys, geo-technical and engineering studies as well as aerial construction. We are ready to maximize productivity while operating in a safety-oriented environment.

Fire Supression

From initial attack and water bucketing to fire crew support, our equipment can respond at a moment’s notice. Our helicopters rapidly transport personnel and cargo to a fire and then remain on scene to perform a variety of tactical and logistical missions.

Wildlife Patrols and Timber Cruising

Pilot services with the right machine can provide effective and economic sense. Specializing in low level power line, pipeline control and inspections, as well as wildlife surveys and timber cruising. Essential Helicopters has the experience and the equipment to get the job done right.

Sightseeing and Special Events

Helicopters Canada operates year-round sightseeing tours. Our local tours provide a one-of-a-kind experience to witness the beautiful expanse of Lake Nippissing and the surrounding area. Our sightseeing tours are also available to provide a one-of-a-kind attraction for your festival or fair. Our dedicated crew will handle all the requirements to provide a safe and unique experience for your special event.

Heavy Lifting

Helicopters Canada has the right aircraft with all the capabilities flown by proficient pilots to meet all heavy lifting needs in all types of environments. Our pilots are experts in long-line precision for fire fighting equipment, water bucketing, hover-exit and entry, toe-in landings, float operations, crew relocation, cargo transportation and so much more. From internal payloads, heavy equipment recovery, fuel barrel drop-offs, short-line and long-line needs, net moves, or oversized cargo, there is no job that we will not work to achieve to satisfy our customers.

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