Our Fleet

Training or charters, our fleet can tackle any task.

Eurocopter EC130

Eurocopter EC130

Our heaviest lifter and largest people-mover to date. This impressive machine is the epitome of “performance meets presence” making the EC130 ideal for both demanding utility work and VIP travel.

Technical Specifications
  • Cruise Speed: 130 mph
  • Pax: 6
  • Internal Payload: 1800 lbs
  • External Payload: 3300 lbs
  • Range (Full Fuel): 375 miles

Astar AS350

Three bladed, single turbine engine, high tech instruments, with a spacious and quiet cabin. Well rounded suitability for executive and crew transport, utility demands and load capabilities. Endless equipment configurations for endless opportunities.

Technical Specifications
  • Cruise Speed: 125 mph
  • Pax: 5
  • Internal Payload: 1500 lbs
  • External Payload: 1950 lbs
  • Range (Full Fuel): 350 miles

Eurocopter EC120

With it’s striking sleekness and compact design, the EC120 can easily deliver the quality our clients look for any type of service needs. Perfect for working in close quarters or highly populated areas thanks to the enclosed tail rotor, making it both quiet and safe.

Technical Specifications
  • Cruise Speed: 120 mph
  • Pax: 4
  • Internal Payload: 1500 lbs
  • External Payload: 1540 lbs
  • Range (Full Fuel): 425 miles

Bell 206 Jet Ranger

The Bell 206 Jet Ranger is the turbine helicopter of choice for the industry with a safety record that is unsurpassed in both flight training and operational applications.

Technical Specifications
  • Cruise Speed: 115 mph
  • Pax: 3
  • Internal Payload: 1300 lbs
  • External Payload: 1450 lbs
  • Range (Full Fuel): 250 miles

Robinson R44

The Robinson R44 provides excellent reliability, responsive handling and performance, making it the ideal piston helicopter for a variety of applications.

Technical Specifications
  • Cruise Speed: 100 mph
  • Pax: 3
  • Internal Payload: 780 lbs
  • External Payload: 780 lbs
  • Range (Full Fuel): 300 miles