Instructor Rating

For commercial helicopter pilots who wish to make a career of teaching students how to fly.

This course trains you in accordance with the requirements to obtain your Class 4 Instructor Rating. To upgrade beyond a Class 4, you must meet the requirements of CARs 421.78 to 421.80.

Here are the requirements to be eligible for this course:

  • Hold a valid Canadian Commercial Helicopter Licence
  • Have a minimum of 250 hours pilot in command flight time in helicopters
  • Have a minimum of 15 hours instrument time – maximum 10 in an approved instrument ground trainer

Program Requirements

  • You must hold a valid Canadian Commercial Helicopter License with a minimum of 250 hours of PIC flight time which must be proven prior to enrolment.
  • A minimum of 25 hours of ground school training is required.
  • You must obtain a minimum of 70% in each of the following Transport Canada examinations:
    • (HIRAF) Helicopter Flight Instructor Rating – Class 4: 75 questions
    • (FIREN) Helicopter Flight Instructor Rating – Instrument Instruction: 40 questions
  • You must complete a 2.0 hour flight test with a Transport Canada Certified Examiner to meet the instructing standards.
  • You will require at least 30 hours of training flights before this ride to assure your piloting skills meet the instructing standards. These hours can be done in whichever aircraft you prefer, rates are as shown below.

Read more for the full reference to the Canadian Requirements.

Flight Training Aircraft Rates

Robinson R44 – 30 hours @ $895/hours    Total: $26,850.00


Bell 206 Jet Ranger – 30 hours @ $1260/hours           Total: $37,800.00

Flight test: 1.5 – 1.7 hours

Ground school: 25hours @ $90.00      Total: $2250.00

Transport Canada fees: Witten exam – $35.00; Flight test – $300-$1,000.00

*All prices are a flat rate and include instructor fees, maintenance, and fuel costs

How to Apply

  1. Contact us
  2. Complete an application form
  3. Wait for your letter of acceptance
  4. Confirm your position in the program

Acceptance into the Class 4 Instructor Rating Program is on a “first come, first serve” basis to those who qualify. Acceptance is open all year round and is based off aircraft and pilot availability. Talk to your Student Coordinator for more information on when you can get started!

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