Log Pad Construction

The perfect opportunity for helicopter students to marry their chainsaw safety and winter survival training; our Helicopter Log Pad Construction Course is the best way to test the future pilots on their ability to retain knowledge and act quickly under high demand.

At some point throughout their winter survival experience, one of our helicopters pays a visit to the secluded area on short notice and needs a place to land to keep them out of the snow. It is at this point our group of students must work as a team to assemble a safe log pad in a suitably determined landing site.

By selecting sturdy lumber trees, making clean cuts, thoroughly pruning, and bucking into appropriate sizes, this is the perfect culmination of the students’ chainsaw training while dealing with the winter environment under high pressure.

All done under the supervision of experienced instructors with the familiar chainsaw equipment and safety gear, the students are not given the chance to lose any of their past training by applying it to a real life scenario with a real life reward. This may be the first time a student builds a helicopter log pad, but after getting a job in the aviation industry it most likely will not be their last!

Duration: 1 Day
Delivery: February
Cost: $620 + HST