Chainsaw and Felling

The majority of helicopter operations take place in heavily forested areas where the felling of trees is often required. Therefore, it is often helpful if pilots are familiar in chainsaws and their operation. That is why we have made this Chainsaw Safety and Tree Felling Course part of our Pilot Preparedness Program.

The first day of this two-day course begins in a classroom setting where our experienced instructors review the storage, upkeep, mechanics and safety practices of chainsaws. Students are also familiarized with how to identify tree types and their best usage, properly fell, prune and buck the wood yielded from their cut.

Day two takes place outdoors where students practice the lessons they learned in class. Divided into groups, the students are assigned an instructor who walks them into the bush and are given the opportunity to identify, select, fell, trim and buck their own trees. Then when it comes time, students must utilize the necessary tools to sharpen, file, clean, oil and refuel their chainsaws to keep them serviceable.

This course most accurately represents real experiences helicopter pilots face when working in remote forested areas. These skills help our graduates meet the demands when expected to create helicopter log pads, survival shelters, firewood and so much more.

Duration: 2 Days
Delivery: November
Cost: $620 + HST