First Aid

Standard First Aid is a practice that pilots should not take for granted when operating in remote areas with risk of injury. Our two-day First Aid course is unlike any basic course offered; students are given scenarios to put their classroom lessons and decision-making skills into practice to develop hands-on solutions.

Day One: Our certified instructor teaches the theory and procedures involved in treating all types of first aid situations. PowerPoints and demonstration videos are discussed as students read along with the workbook, including guidance and references for emergencies that they can keep with them in their aircraft.

Day Two: All the teachings from the previous day are practiced first hand. CPR and AED responses are utilized on dummies, and first aid crisis’ are demonstrated on our staff and student “dummies.” Students are divided into groups and are given surprise scenarios they must react to in real time to make life-saving decisions using their new first aid training.

Not only is our certified instructor an experienced paramedic, but also a special effects makeup artist with a talent of making fictional scenarios seem frighteningly realistic. These aspects of real-life storytelling and convincing scenarios grasp the attention of our students and make them react as realistically as possible when dealing with a first aid emergency. That is what makes this a First Aid Course unlike any other.

Duration: 2 Days
Delivery: October
Cost: $620 + HST