Underwater Egress

Helicopters Canada Underwater Egress Program is designed to provide aircraft crew and passengers travelling over water, the knowledge and skills necessary to react to an aircraft ditching emergency. The course has been designed for workers traveling via aircraft on a regular basis, to provide vital safety information, procedures and potentially life-saving knowledge. Regrettably, many passengers do not survive during a ditching emergency because of a lack of knowledge and practice of emergency Underwater Egress scenarios.

The Underwater Egress Training Program is given in two parts; Theory in a classroom and practice in a pool with a submersible aircraft simulator and sea survival equipment.

Our program content includes the following:

  • Surface and Underwater Egress Training
  • Emergency Ditching and Evacuation
  • Pre-ditching procedures
  • Survival and Water Rescue Skills
  • Cold Water Emersion
  • Hazards related aircraft and personnel operating over water
  • Safety and survival equipment requirements and utilization

Duration: 1 day
Cost: $735 + HST