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At Helicopters Canada, we do things a little differently. We have worked hard and built up a professional organization that can serve the most demanding jobs and turn out the most high-performing pilots in the industry. Here are 5 key facets that showcase our standard of excellence and what it means to be a Helicopters Canada Pilot.

1 – Our Approach to Safety: Through Confidence & Training

Staffed with senior pilots and accomplished instructors, we bring a wealth of experience and diverse flying backgrounds. Our clients come to us for the well-rounded options and speciality work that we can provide, and in turn we have developed strong partnerships and loyal clientele. Our students and junior pilots benefit from the knowledge and experience of our staff and receive extensive training for situational preparedness, well before completing any job; instilling confidence in both the pilot and the employer to complete their mission with satisfaction and security. Furthermore, our professional ground crew are all well versed in aviation whether they be pilots or engineers themselves – allowing them to support air ops above and beyond expectations to eliminate avoidable complications on the ground.

2 – Our Customer: It’s Not Who You Think it is

We take a unique approach to defining our customer. While it is our charter clients and our students, it is also our pilots, our maintenance team, and our staff.  Confidence and security starts with us, if our team doesn’t feel safe, our clients won’t feel safe. Therefore every interaction-every touchpoint-is met with respect and understanding to ensure all needs are heard and met. The mantra is “be supported and 

supportive to all who pass through the hangar”. We can only be set for success if we ensure we have set others around us for success first. We also follow a thorough approach to ensure the comfort, ease, and enjoyment of our charter clients. Pilots, crew, maintenance and office staff are all professional, approachable, highly-skilled, and engaged in a seamless customer experience from start to finish. Our team recognizes the value of our customers, the dynamic requests that they bring to us that allow us to go to work where every day is exciting, new, and different. 

3 – Our Family-Like Atmosphere

Locally-based, our business is family-owned and operated with a team that has been working together for over 20 years. Many of our pilots train internally and then stay on to join our team. There is a general feeling that the team is friendly, approachable, and genuine; making students and clients feel at ease and welcomed. You don’t leave Helicopters Canada, you become part of Helicopters Canada, whether a student, client, or staff.  Head to our Flight Club page to learn the stories of some of our top alumni. 

4 – Our Focus on Maintenance: We Know Our Machines

Peace of mind is a key focus for us, the outcome for which we strive on every flight. The Helicopters Canada pilots’ and ground crew’s professional knowledge extends beyond knowing how to fly to what keeps them flying. Knowing how to properly care for and maintain the thing that you can fly for hours in a day leaves the machines better taken care of, resulting in less (avoidable) mechanical setbacks and delivering more consistently on deadlines. We provide thorough training both on the ground and in the air and operate with open communication between all members of our maintenance team, because as you know, they too are our customers :).

5 – Our Location: The Gateway to the True North

Located only 3 hours north of Toronto, North Bay and the Nipissing district offer plenty for those seeking adventure in the wild. We are lucky enough to fly and take tours over spectacular vistas such as Lake Nipissing, Callander Bay, Duchesnay Falls and Trout Lake. Known as the “Gateway to the True North”, we are surrounded by over 7,000 square kilometers of provincial parks and an abundance of wildlife; providing untapped and pristine nature, right below our feet. With a minute’s access to Crown Land, our base at Jack Garland Airport makes for the perfect helicopter training grounds with the freedom to land in confined areas; a real-world simulation of flying in the industry is right at our fingertips.

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