Women, Take Flight

The helicopter industry is already hugely desirable given it’s excitement and thrill. With opportunity abound, adventure-seeking women who are drawn to aviation need to know and understand that not only CAN they be pilots… they SHOULD be pilots. In this article, Helicopters Canada Pilot & Student Coordinator Mackenzie Wilson examines the current state of the aviation nation, how the industry is stepping in, working to increase those numbers and even out the playing field (or, air space, if you will).

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The Second-Career Pilot – Why it’s Never Too Late To Get Your Helicopter Licence

You are probably reading this article because a part of you has always wanted to be a pilot but just never knew how to go about it. And now, you feel like you have waited too long to get your licence and you are worried that you missed your chance and that your age might work against you. But guess what? You didn’t miss the boat….you were just waiting for the chopper. Now is your time. Age ain’t nothing but a number and we are here to dispel 3 misconceptions about starting a second career in aviation and why it’s never too late to become a helicopter pilot. We’ve also thrown in a few tips to get you started.

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Training in North Bay Makes You a Better Helicopter Pilot

You know what they say, location, location, location. When getting your helicopter licence in Ontario, nothing tops Nipissing. Known as the “Gateway to the North”, a huge amount of traffic passes through the area, opening doors to meeting people with diverse backgrounds and experience. The helicopter industry is small and networking is key as you build relationships with potential clients, future employers, mentors, and partners. From people to places, we have come up with 4 ways that North Bay and the Nipissing district offer Helicopters Canada students a dynamic, exciting, and safe environment to prepare you for the world of aviation. 

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You’ve Got Your Helicopter Licence, Now What?

There are many steps on a student’s journey to becoming a helicopter pilot. It all begins with a moment of inspiration. From imagining oneself in the world of aviation to having a career in flying a helicopter, the hopeful and exhilarating feeling is second to none. The next step is learning how to fly and as a flight school, it is our job to encourage the third step: bridging the gap between a new pilot and an employed one. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you may be moving through one of these steps yourself! One of the many wonderful things about the working world of helicopters is the options are endless – there is something for everyone, at every stage and skill level. To help you on your journey, we’ve come up with a list of options to explore when you are ready to take flight.

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Do Your Research – Getting your helicopter pilot licence: What you need to know before you apply

Thinking of becoming a helicopter pilot? We can’t say we blame you! A career in the air abandons the mundane 9-5 and enters a world where every day is dynamic, exciting, and often adventurous. What is the opposite of all that? Sitting at a computer, researching all of the options for training and trying to make the right choice. We know it is a daunting task so we asked Helicopters Canada Student Recruiter and Line Pilot Mackenzie Wilson to share her tips on everything you should think about while doing your research. 

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